Education Programmes

Twige Neza Dutsinde

This initiative aims to improve access to remedial learning support services for underperforming students.

Imbuto Foundation, collaborating with United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and the Ministry of Education, have established learning clubs in 50 primary schools across 10 districts: Nyagatare, Ngoma, Kirehe, Rulindo, Gakenke, Nyabihu, Ngororero, Huye, Nyamagabe and Rusizi.

Twige Neza Dutsinde engages struggling learners at the upper primary level who are at risk for dropping out. It aims to improve both their learning outcomes (literacy and numeracy), as well as their attitudes and practices towards gender and the empowerment of girls.

This initiative has been successful in meeting its programme objectives, with reports of students performing better academically, being more respectful of diversity, more enthusiastic about school and learning and developing strong group working skills. The initiative works with the families of its beneficiaries, whose support is essential in instilling positive values, such as politeness and respect in the classroom, cleanliness and punctuality.